Buprenorphine SR


Buprenorphine SR is a sustained release formulation of buprenorphine that provides up to 72 hours of analgesia. Compared to standard buprenorphine, buprenorphine SR allows for more consistent drug plasma levels and decreases the stress of handling associated with repeated injections.

ZooPharm is the only supplier of this product (, which is offered in different concentrations. Because they are a compounding pharmacy, it is only available via veterinary prescription.


To purchase, please email Dr. Roger Geertsema ( and cc Monique Skahan ( and Rebecca Cheah ( If the request is from a lab member other than the PI, please cc the PI as well.

In the email request, please include the following:
IACUC Protocol #:
Quantity (# of bottles; each bottle is 5 ml):
Dosage you intend to use per animal (mg/kg):
Species to be used in:
*KFS Recharge Account #:

After order submission and the establishment of a new account, ZooPharm will require that that the PI, who holds the CSUA, call ZooPharm (866-823-9314) to confirm the account.

*Because the vendor does not accept POs and requires payment prior to shipping, buprenorphine SR is a rechargeable item.


The estimated cost for each 5-ml vial is $115, plus $35 for shipping. Each vial can treat about 150 mice or 15 rats.


Buprenorphine SR can be stored at room temperature. Its expiration date is one year from the date of compounding, but the vendor recommends that a bottle not be used more than a couple months after its initial puncture.


  • This product cannot be diluted or mixed with other medications as it will alter the drug’s absorption
  • It must be given subcutaneously as a single dose
  • The solution is viscous and therefore best administered through larger needle sizes (22 gauge) under anesthesia
  • Recommended doses are listed on the ULAR website by species (Drug Dosages)

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