ULAR Animal Facility Space Policy

  • ULAR animal facilities (vivaria) are available on a recharge basis for UCI Faculty who use animals for teaching and research at UCI. 
  • ULAR animal facilities and Standard Operating Procedures are designed and operated in compliance with Federal animal welfare regulations, including the Animal Welfare Act and the The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.
  • Considerations for assigning animal space within ULAR vivaria include many factors, including the species, animal health status, type of research, and strategic planning for future needs.   
  • Most ULAR vivarium rooms are shared by multiple researchers.  However, requests for dedicated space will be considered based on research need and availability of space. 
  • Priority for space in ULAR animal facilities is given to projects that need to utilize ULAR services and/or equipment for vertebrate animal housing and procedures. 
  • All ULAR space assignments are subject to periodic review by ULAR management to ensure efficient use of space and resources. 
  • Departments that are recruiting new Faculty who plan to use vertebrate animals at UCI are advised to request a meeting with ULAR at some point before an offer is made, to ensure that suitable animal space and resources will be available.
  • For all ULAR space requests, please contact Jeff Chau, ULAR Assistant Director, Operations (949-824-9538,, or Claire Lindsell, ULAR Director (949-824-0569,

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