KR Negotiations User Guide for Officers


1 Creating a Negotiation Record

2 Updating/Editing a Negotiation Record

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Creating a Negotiation Record

To create a new Negotiation Record for a pending award, navigate to the Kuali Research Negotiations portlet in Zot!Portal and click on Create a Negotiation Record:

Take note of the Document Number and Negotiation ID, as these will be what you will use to find your Negotiation Record to make edits:

The Negotiation record will select "In Progress" as the default Status type, and will autofill the Receipt date to the present date.

Complete the Action, Award Type & Negotiation Association Type section:

  • Action:
  • Award Type

Then select "Institutional Proposal" for the Association Type, if available:

And then search for the Institutional Proposal number using the lookup:

You will now enter your Activities in the "Activities & Attachments" panel:

Complete the Responsible Party, Action to be Taken & Notes Sections. Add an Attachment if necessary. When finished, click on 'Add Activity.'

  • Responsible Party:
  • Action to be Taken:

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Updating/Editing a Negotiation Record

Search for your Negotiation Record using the "In Progress Negotiations Search" in Zot!Portal by either the Negotiation Association ID (IP number) or the Negotiation ID number.
Once you've found your record, you can edit the Activities as needed. When finished, click Save

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