Award Data & Reports

Data Migration

  • 5 years of Award data to be migrated from legacy database to KR Award
  • Plus all awards tied to a KC/KR Proposal
  • Plus all other active awards
  • *Subawards ties to those Awards are also imported

Updated Reports and Auto Email Notifications

    • SPA Legacy Database is the current source for data
      • Data Warehouse Sponsored Projects AdhocQuery (aka BLISS)
      • Awards by Campus Area report
    • After KR Award go-live, we will switch source to KR
      • For proposal *and* award data
    • Data Warehouse / BLISS -> DWQuery
    • Delay in data availability due to switch
      • Possibly three months
      • ERA can assist with urgent data needs

    • Award Transaction Summary (ATS) will replace the old synopsis printout
    • Auto email notifications
      • After SPA finalizes an award, an automatic email will be sent out to the PI, Dept. Admin & C&G accounting
      • Included in the email will be a link to access the Award Transaction Summary

News & Announcements

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