Training & Education Requirements for Laboratory Animal Use

Learn more about the education, training, and safety assessments you must complete before being authorized to work with live animals at UCI:

CITI Training

Basic training in the ethical and humane use of live animals in research is provided via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and is required prior to protocol submission.

LAOHP (Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program)

Completion of the LAOHP questionnaire is required for everyone with live animal contact.  It's easy - just fill out an online form!

ULAR Training for...

Information about ULAR classroom training and hands-on instruction.

Personnel Safety Training (EH&S)

Determine your personal safety-training needs by completing the Safety Training Self Assessment. Contact Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) for assistance.

"Sponsored" or "Guest" UCINetID

An active UCINetID is required for everyone working with live animals in research or teaching activities at UCI.  See information on obtaining a UCINetID for visitors.

Other Training Programs

Additional training resources for Human Research Protections, Sponsored Projects, Export Control, Responsible Conduct of Research, and more.

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