KR Protocols FAQs

  • What is KR Protocols?

    • The KR Protocols system for UCI’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Human Stem Cell Research Oversight (hSCRO) committees will be a shared web-based system that provides management tools for human and stem cell protocol compliance. It will replace both our current IRB WebApps and internal IRB/hSCRO database systems. Major highlights include:
      • A shared single point-of-entry for protocol submission/management for human subject and human stem cell researchers
      • A shared single point-of-entry for protocol tracking, processing, review and auditing for UCI IRB and hSCRO administrative staff
      • Full transparency for researchers on initial protocol submissions, protocol review and documentation of approved protocols
  • Sounds interesting! So does that mean I don't have to email the IRB or hSCRO staff to check the status on my submission? I can just confirm the real-time status of my protocol application, renewal or modification in this new system?

    • Yes! One of the advantages of KR Protocols is improved transparency for our researchers. It's no longer like a black box after submitting your application. Since it's a shared system now with IRB and hSCRO staff, you will be able to view the complete lifecycle from submission to final approval and every status along the way.
  • Awesome! What about if I have an active protocol now? Will I need to tranfer it to the new system?

    • Great question! We are currently working on this task. More information will be shared at a later time. Please come back to this FAQs page frequently for updates!
  • When will KR Protocols launch? I'm excited to try it out!

    • We plan to deploy a soft launch of our Non Human Subjects Research (NHSR) Determination form first in April 2021 (subject to change). We're hoping researchers will get a feel for the new system and provide feedback with their experience. This will help us revise and improve the forms for the complete go-live of the IRB/hSCRO portion in Q4 2021 (subject to change).
  • Ok, what about my approved documents? How will access them if IRB Doc Depot is going away?

    • All approved documents will be available and linked to your IRB or hSCRO protocol in the new system. This is another advantage of an all-in-one system! You no longer have to visit several IRB WebApps or email hSCRO to obtain documents or conduct IRB/hSCRO business.
  • I'm a hSCRO researcher, so that means I won't need to email my applications, renewals and modifications to the hSCRO staff?

    • Exactly! You won't have to email and attach hSCRO related documents to the hSCRO staff. All transactions will go through KR Protocols.
  • What about attachments? Like protocol naratives and appendices for IRB? How do I submit those in KR Protocols?

    • We have converted all of these additional Word Document attachments (i.e. protocol narratives, IRB appendices, hSCRO application and hSCRO cell line tracking tables) as questionaries or tables in KR Protocols! There will definitely be less attachments to include with submissions!

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