Electronic Research Administration (ERA)



To lead research administration's process innovation and support its technology decisions to grow UCI's research enterprise.

ERA focuses on three components:


The ERA Team takes the initiative to introduce change for the better. As one of the key points of Pillar 2 of the Strategic Plan is to utilize modern technological tools to create the most effective learning environments, the ERA Team similarly wants to take that approach with systems & processes used in Research Administration – we want to ensure that the campus is using the most efficient systems & processes available; and if not, then working together to make those needed improvements.


The ERA Team is committed to the campus to ensure its readiness in utilization of electronic systems – by way of formal hands-on training and training guides; maintenance of current systems that are already efficiently running; and ensuring data integrity.


The ERA Team’s efforts have one cumulative goal in mind – to expand UCI’s research enterprise. This aligns with Pillar 1 of the Strategic Plan by implementing systems that help department admins & faculty assemble their best proposals in order to bring in extramural funding and reach the goal of increasing research expenditures to over $500 million.

Electronic Systems Currently in Use:

Kuali Research is an electronic system that supports the management of research projects. The following modules can be accessed with single sign-on using Zot!portal:

  • Proposal Development Module for developing and routing proposals for new, renewal or supplemental extramural funding.
  • Award Module ties together the pre-award modules, Proposal Development, Institutional Proposal, Negotiations with the post-award financial system, Kuali Financial System (KFS).
  • Negotiations Module for tracking activities related to set-up of awards, subawards, and related agreements.
  • Protocols Module for submitting Non-Human Subjects Research Determination forms (Phase 1)

Research Management System (RMS) is a web-based electronic system, which covers all aspects of UCI's Animal Care and Use Program including:

  • Compliance - IACUC oversight of animal protocols
  • Operations - Animal ordering, delivery/identification and billing
  • Welfare - Animal monitoring and health reports

NIH eRA Commons is an online interface where signing officials, principal investigators, trainees and post-docs at institutions/organizations can access and share administrative information relating to research grants. Users can shepherd their application in eRA Commons through the grants lifecycle from receipt to closeout.

Cayuse 424 is a system-to-system submission tool for proposals to federal government sponsors, using grants.gov.

Research.gov provides grants management for the NSF research community. Research.gov will become the replacement for FastLane, providing quick access to research information and grants management services, all in one location.

Grants.gov Workspace is the standard way for organizations or individuals to apply for federal grants in Grants.gov

Upcoming Projects in Development:

  • Kuali Research (KR) Protocols will consolidate all separate IRB Webapps and the hSCRO application into a single entry point and provide detailed/up-to-date protocol status information for researchers (Phase 2)
  • Kuali Research (KR) COI is the new electronic system that UCI Public Health Service and National Science Foundation Investigators will use to complete their financial disclosures, replacing the paper forms 800 and 900.


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